Social Media Marketing Tips
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Social Media Marketing

The Social Media phenomenon has one of the fastest growth trends in our modern history.

In this market research summary can be read that in 2019 there will be more than 4.3 billion internet users worldwide. And more than 3.4 billion of these users will be on social media.

To reach your customers it is therefore important to include social media marketing in your online marketing strategy.

But what are the benefits of social media marketing? And what kind of content can you post as a brand?


Below an explanation of social media marketing, the many benefits and 14 tips for content.

Definition Social Media Marketing

According to Neil Patel is the definition of Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is the process of creating content that you have adapted to the context of each individual social media platform to encourage user engagement and sharing.

You want your social media content to go viral and, in addition to traffic to your website, you also increase your brand awareness.

You do this by creating relevant and valuable content that your target audience wants to share.

Every social media platform is different and that is why it is important to make a solid strategy so that you work effectively and efficiently.

Every post, reply, like and comment serves a purpose and if you develop a specific strategy it is easier to achieve that goal.


Social Media Marketing

Advantages Social Media Marketing

Marketing via Social Media has many advantages. I have listed them below.

Do you also want a Social Media Marketing Strategy with which you can grow your brand? Then contact to discussyour options.

Marketing via Social Media has many advantages. I have listed them below.

Do you also want a Social Media Marketing Strategy with which you can grow your brand? Then contact to discussyour options.

- Increase brand awareness

Brand recognition is crucial for your company. When your potential customer is ready to make a purchase, you want your brand to be top-of-mind. 

By regularly posting content you can let your target audience get to know your brand and message.


- Build brand as an authority

In every industry you can use social media to build authority on a certain topic.

This ensures that your target audience trusts you more as a brand.

- Getting to know your target audience

With social media, you have direct contact with your target group. You gain insight into the characteristics of your target audience so that you can create better content and more targeted campaigns. 

And you learn how your target audience thinks about your brand so that you can respond to that.

- Increase website traffic

Posts and advertisements are crucial to generate traffic to your website. By sharing good content and links to your blogs on social media you can get more attention from your readers.

Giving information or answering questions on posts from others can also help. Make sure you add value and it is not just promotion.


- Generate leads

Social Media is a low-threshold way for your potential customers to show an interest in your product or service. 

Lead generation is an important part of a social media marketing strategy. The channels give you a simple and effective way by offering special formats for low-cost advertising.

- Targeting & Retargeting

Social advertenties zijn een zeer kosteneffectieve manier om je content te promoten en te verspreiden. Er zijn zeer uitgebreide mogelijkheiden om je doelgroep precies te targetten en je budget zo goed mogelijk te besteden.

It is also simple to use tracking tools such as Facebook Pixel retarget your target audience if, for example, they have been on your website or have left something in their basket.

- Cost effective

It is free to create and post a Social Media profile. With statistics, you can immediately see what works and what doesn't and adjust your content accordingly. 

You can run a paid campaign with a small budget so that your ROI is optimal.

Analytics Post Social Media

- Reporting & Analytics

With all the statistics available through the social media channels it is easy to report your impact.

It is also easier to show the ROI of your social media budget to the rest of the team.

Content Strategy

Om te zorgen dat je consistent post op social media, kan je het beste een contentplanning maken met een mix aan verschillende soorten posts. 

Below tips for 14 different types of social media content. With this, you will never run out of ideas.

1. Ask for feedback –

Ask your (potential) customers a direct question. Are there any new features that they would like? What problem do they have that you can solve for them?

2. Be funny –

Throw a funny post or a cat video in the mix to keep it light. It doesn't always have to be serious.

3. An insider post –

Share a behind-the-scenes photo or a real insider detail. Your audience is always curious about you and what you experience.

4. A statistic –

A statistic with clear explanation and visual is a good way to share your professional knowledge.

5. Something unexpected -

Write something personal or share something completely off-topic, something that nobody expects from you.

6. A quote –

A good quote still works and get a lot of shares. Look around Instagram en zie hoe de mix is tussen afbeeldingen en quotes. Maak er wel een eigen design van, bijvoorbeeld met de gratis designtool Canva.

7. Breaking news –

Share insider news while it happens. It gives your target group the feeling that they also belong.

8. Your opinion -

Your followers would like to hear what you think about something. This is a good way to share your unique qualities and vision.

9. The what-would-you-do question -

Share an experience and ask what your followers would do in this situation. How would they solve this problem? How would they respond to a customer request?

10. Ask for an answer -

Present a problem and ask to think about the answer. With many different insights you will come to a creative solution.

11. Vraag hulp voor iemand anders –

If someone presents an interesting problem to you, why not share it and ask others for their advice. Everybody likes to help others.

12. A blog comment -

If someone leaves an interesting comment on your blog you can share it and generate traffic to your blog. This does not necessarily have to be a positive comment, but also a negative message. Your answer can be a trigger to continue reading.

13. Request a recommendation -

Vraag je volgers naar hun voorkeuren of aanbeveling voor een product of service. Wat gebruiken zij om keyword research te doen bijvoorbeeld.

14. Fill in the gap –

Start a statement and ask your followers to fill in the gap. My favorite tool for scheduling social media posts is ……….

Online Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools

Het is niet meer nodig om dure design software te kopen of een creatief buro in te huren om waardevolle en leuke content te maken.

Below is a list of the free tools that I use every day.

  • Canva - indispensable design tool
  • Unsplash - beautiful free stock photos
  • Google Sheets – om content planning in bij te houden
  • Trello – voor het bijhouden van notities met ideeën 
  • Twitter - daily source of inspiration
  • Hootsuite – voor het inplannen van posts op alle social media kanalen


Even with little to no budget you can create and post valuable social media content. All the above tools have a free version and also posting on Social Media channels is for free.

With strict preparation and planning it is possible to post every day. As a result, your online content also contributes to achieving your business objectives.


If you want help with creating an online marketing strategy, content planning or creating the content itself, please contact me to have a chat.

A strong SEO strategy is essential if you want to grow online. In this article. you can read all about an effective strategy.


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