8 google ranking factoren
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Google Ranking Tips

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) is a continuous process and there are always new developments. But to attract traffic to your website, it is essential to end up high in the Google Rankings.

Well-optimized websites get more traffic and that pays off in more leads, conversions and ultimately more revenue. 

Because it is important to focus on the correct tasks, below a list of the most essential Google Ranking Factors. With accompanying tips so that you too can end up higher on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) when your potential customer does a search. 

Google Algorithm

First, let's determine what Google finds important about a website and content.

  • Purpose of the page and website.
  • Expertise, Authority and Reliability (E-A-T) - not only of the website but also of the page content and the expertise of the author.
  • Quality of the page content.
  • Website information and information about the author.
  • Website reputation and author's reputation.


Google has only one goal and that is to show the searcher the most relevant page and the page with the highest quality.

8 Essentiële Google Ranking Factoren

Because the web is packed with articles and information, it is important for Google to be able to make clear choices before a searcher gets to see a result. 

Google has indicated that it includes the following factors in assessing (ranking) a website and its content.

It is therefore important to optimize your website and content for these factors so that you are more likely to end up high in search results.

  1. Secure and accessible
  2. Speed
  3. Mobile optimized
  4. Optimized content
  5. Technical SEO
  6. User-friendly
  7. Links, links, links
  8. Company information

1. Secure and Accessible

It is important for Google and your visitors that your website is secure. You achieve this by installing an SSL certificate.

Zorg er ook voor dat je website goed toegankelijk is voor mensen met een beperking. 

2. Speed

Google wants the searcher to show an optimal result and that means that your website must load quickly, especially on mobile. 

You can test you load-time speed on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page.

mobile responsive website

3. Mobile optimized

Google has already indicated in 2018 that they have implemented a Mobile-First Policy. This means that they will show mobile optimized first in the search results, above the websites that are not. And that they will index the mobile version of your website.

Make sure that your site is easy to navigate on mobile and easy to read.

4. Optimized content

Optimizing the content of your website is the most important in this list of factors. 

Original content based on solid keyword research is essential. Make sure that you create content that adds value for your potential customer and that responds to the "search intent". In other words, what is your target group looking for? What problem do they have that you can solve?

5. Technical SEO

Google must be able to easily find the URL and visit your website. For this you need at least:
  • All pages indexed in Google Search Console
  • Canonicals, Noindex, Sitemap and Robot.txt file
  • Structured Data 
  • Optimized Media files with clear description, title and Alt Text

6. User-friendly

Google uses artificial intelligence to rate web pages on the following points regarding user-friendliness:

  • Click Through Rate (CTR) - percentage of visitors to your website who came there because they clicked on a organic search result
  • Bounce Rate - number of visitors that ended up on your page but immediately went back to the search results 
  • Dwell Time - how long has the visitor spent on your website
tips voor landingspagina

7. Links, links, links

Google uses links to determine how much authority and relevance the content of your page has. It is important to have links to and from other relevant content and not a link from the local football club if your website is about pet food. The best thing is if you have a mix of different types of links:

  • Inbound Links - from other relevant websites with high authority
  • Outbound Links - to other relevant websites with high authority
  • Internal Links - references to other pages within your own site

8. Company information

This tip is especially important for companies that have one or more locations where they want to attract customers.

  • NAW gegevens op je website.
  • Google My Business (GMB) en Facebook Page met correcte informatie.
  • Reviews op GMB en Facebook en andere relevante sites zoals Yelp.
  • Optimaliseren voor correcte en relevante lokale zoektermen.


Hundreds of factors play a role in the ranking of Google and other search engines. We don't know many, but we can respond to the factors that we know are important. 

If you have implemented all Google Ranking Tips, you are sure that your basis is in order to be able to score well in the search results of your target group's search query.

Would you like further explanation or support to implement the above on your website so that you will score higher? Then contact me now!


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